Live in studio. Hundraårspolskan by Olof Kennemark.

Recorded and directed by Petter Berndalen at Playing With Music Recording Studio, Stockholm, Sweden.


Trio Törn toured with the theater show The forbidden forest, a show for children in the age between 4 - 7.

The theater is based on the swedish folk belief and the old creatures that people thought lived deep into the forest. With song, violin, nyckelharpa and cello the childer will come on a magical journey and meet some of the most feared creatures.

The forbidden forest

What is hiding deep into the forest? What happens when you're lost and the path is gone? What happens around the trees when the darkness falls?

The two sisters Saga and Sägne know that they are not suposed to take the path through the forest, but one day on their way home from school they couldn't resist...

They are thrown into an unexpected adventure where they meet the folk belief's most exciting creatures: Näcken and Skogsfrun.

From time to time the two sisters will feel completely helpless and they're going to need help from the audience.

What are one suposed to do when there's no one else around?

Length: 25 minutes

Space: About 5x3 meters

What we need: One chair without armrests

Age: 4 - 7 years old


Live recording in Nathan Milsteinsalen at The Royal Collage of Music, Stockholm. Julstress by Olof Kennemark.

Recorded and directed by Josefin Stacy and Elvira Glänte.

Live recording from Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Finland.

Gråten i Låten by Olof Kennemark

Live recording from Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Finland.

Schottis i Spaken by Olof Kennemark

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